Set goals from a calm state of mind

Sometimes when people are writing their goals, they are not really relaxed. They are either desperate, sometimes feeling helpless, or even lacking hope.

No matter where you are in life, you want to ensure that you write your goals from a peak state. One where you feel calm, relaxed and at least a little bit of hope. Good sleep, deep breathing, light music, an inspiring talk, a great workout are some very simple yet powerful ways to get you into a peak state.

Own your goals

I often say, let your role models inspire you, but not define you. You want to make sure your goals are your own; they are your dreams, your aspirations. You want to ensure the goals really resonate with who you are as a person. They resonate with your higher purpose in life and are reasonably emotionally compelling to you. If your goals are aligned to a higher purpose, your priorities and vision of life long term, the possibility of you achieving your goals is easier and effortless.

You can achieve a goal and keep moving forward because that vision of life is much larger than one goal.

You want to make sure that there is no part of you, consciously or sub consciously that resists that which you desire. If you miss this one step, you may end up achieving it all and still feel empty within. Or you may take two steps forward and three backward never really knowing why. When your goals are aligned with your identity, the journey to success is both easier and more enjoyable

Take baby steps

Quantum leaps can sometimes be jarring and make it a bumpy ride. Every successful person got there over a period of time. Even the ones you consider to be overnight success stories have evolved over years of thinking, dreaming, wanting, and doing. Especially when you are starting out, it’s good to take one step at a time. The important thing is that you make consistent little progress each day.

Set more general goals like joy and happiness and peace to begin with and then get to more specific goals. May be just start with affirmations and then move to specific goals. A calm state of mind is one of the most useful resources to have when setting your goals and “Success does not come from doing a whole lot in a day, but a little more each day” 

Your goals may test you

Anytime you set a goal, you may be tested. I want you to understand the reason you have not achieved a certain goal yet is because there is a gap between your goals and your identity, beliefs and values. The process of achieving any goal involves alignment of that which you desire with your beliefs, values and identity. So when you set a goal, whatever sub conscious re- alignment needs to happen for the goal to be achieved, will come up. So when a fear comes up, or an unexpected threat or challenge comes up, see that as an opportunity to move to the next level.

A lot of people who set goals don’t know this and end up giving up on their dreams as soon as their fears come up. These fears are not really your tests. These fears when they come up are the opportunity you have been seeking to move to the next level. When something comes up, don’t give up on the goal. Stay there, stay strong and believe you can do it. Have patience. Sometimes things can take longer than you expected. And that’s okay. Sometimes, you set a small goal and life  might come up with bigger plans for you. Sometimes, it may appear as though nothing is happening, have patience and faith. You may almost be there. Successful people know this and use every opportunity to their advantage.

Get the right perspective

No matter what your goal is, there is a part of you that believes that you will feel better having it, doing it or being it. It’s important to understand early that the purpose of any goal is to facilitate your internal growth and self – discovery. Anytime that you achieve a goal, another level will show up. And that’s life. People who really get this know how to enjoy the journey to success.

Make sure your goals are ecological

Your goals must be in tune with your well-being and well being of those around you. While I don’t personally feel there is any straight forward definition of right and wrong, good and bad, your goals must be true to your own conscience.

Stay perceptive and flexible

If you follow the steps I have already talked about, the possibility of you getting it right is much higher. Having said that, life is always changing. You want to stay aware and perceptive enough to notice what’s working and what’s not, and change and tweak as and when required. There is feedback from people and signs everywhere, if you only notice. Your emotions are your biggest guide. They let you know where you are with reference to where you want to be.

If you are feeling empowering emotions like clarity and ease and confidence and eagerness and optimism you may be very close to your goals. If you are experiencing disempowering emotions like desperation or frustration or anger and helplessness you may want to change something. That change may not necessarily be your goal. It may simply be your approach.

Goal accomplishment is like any other game and can be fun and exciting as long you are in it to play. So enjoy the ride and make your dreams happen!

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